TESTED: Ultraline Flat Rope Reel

Published by Darren O'Brien on Thursday, 17th March 2016 - 3:41PM

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Pacific NW Boater installs and tests the premiere stern-tying solution for your boat, the Ultraline Flat Rope Reel. This solidly engineered and built 316L stainless steel device takes up the least amount of room on your boat, yet provides instant access to line from 131 to 377-feet (scroll down for model sizes and types). Stern-tying is made easy, and leaving is even easier as you don't need to get back in the dinghy to retrieve your line. Simply untie from your cleats and roll the line in! An easy to use, rugged, yet elegantly beautiful boating accessory. 

Purchase your Ultraline Flat Rope Reel in our online store.

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