Pacific NW Boater


TESTED: Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar

We install and use the world's first wireless radar, the Furuno DRS4W. Just $995 (code: WIRELESS100) at

TESTED: Ultraline Flat Rope Reel

We install and test the premiere stern-tying solution for your boat, the Ultraline Flat Rope Reel. Available at starting at $570 non-Dyneema/$914 Dyneema.

TESTED: Weems & Plath Marine Binoculars

We discover the remarkable difference a good pair of Weems & Plath marine binoculars can make on the water. The full range is available at starting at $249.99.

TESTED: H2Out Air Vent Dryers

The best way to keep moist marine air out of your fuel tanks is with H2Out Air Vent Dryers. Available in 2 sizes at

TESTED: SOS Distress Light

Never buy flares again with the SOS Distress Light! Pacific NW Boater TESTED. Just $99.95 at

TESTED: H2Out Space Dryers

Help keep mold and mildew under control aboard your boat with H2Out Space Dryers. From $25.99 at

TESTED: Wallas Diesel Heater Install

Five and a half years ago we installed a new Wallas 40Dt Diesel Forced Air Heater. The installation was straightforward and easy, and we are still very pleased with the Wallas' performance.

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