PRODUCTS programs

Custom Digital Boat Paintings

Turn your favorite boat photo into a work of art!

TESTED: SOS Distress Light

Never buy flares again with the SOS Distress Light! Pacific NW Boater TESTED.

TESTED: Ultraline Flat Rope Reel

Pacific NW Boater installs and tests the premiere stern-tying solution for your boat, the Ultraline Flat Rope Reel. This...

TESTED: Carbon Foam Batteries

We install and test new carbon foam batteries from Ocean Planet Energy.

Coppercoat Anti-fouling Application

We apply Coppercoat anti-fouling on the hull of our boat.

TESTED: H2Out Space Dryers

Pacific NW Boater TESTED Product: H2Out Space Dryers. The marine environment is a moist environment! H2Out Space Dryers keep...

Wallas Diesel Heater Install

Last winter we installed a new Wallas 40Dt Diesel Forced Air Heater. The installation was straightforward and easy, and we...

TESTED: Winchrite Electric Winch Handle

Pacific NW Boater tests and demos the 2010 NMMA Innovation Award-winning WinchRite, a cordless electric winch handle. ...

Weems & Plath Marine Binoculars

Good quality marine binoculars are a critical navigation tool no boat should be without. As part of our commitment to...